Flooding has devastated Timor-Leste | Photo by Machel Silveira

Flood Devastation: How to Support Timor-Leste Recovery Efforts

Local restaurants are preparing meals for displaced people: Donate to help

Over the Easter weekend, Timor-Leste was hit with torrential rain resulting in extensive and destructive flooding.

Thousands have lost homes, are without food, clean water, medical supplies, shelter and clothing. Roads have collapsed, and access to remote areas cut off.

It is yet another devastating hit for the island nation already enduring an extended lockdown due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak. Communities are now supporting each other in close proximity, increasing the risk of COVID infection as recovery efforts take place.

Tragically, 34 fatalities have already been reported, with this number expected to rise as information continues to be collected from remote and isolated areas

We encourage our community to support where they can to ensure thousands of affected Timorese are able to access shelter, food, and clean water during recovery, as well as receive support to rebuild their lives.

Below are a range of reputable local individuals and organisations working to provide support on the ground. See links for more information.

Funds to buy fresh food to be prepared by local restaurants for the relocated: Organised by Berta Pereira, Sonia Simoes & Kara Chesal
👉 GoFundMe Donation Link

Funds for food, basic supplies and temporary shelter distributed by Veterans Care Association Inc: Organised by Michael Stone
👉 GoFundMe Donation Link

Funds to support Pro-Ema to buy products to supply food to victims: Organised by Lyn Goff
👉 GoFundMe Donation Link

Funds to cook for displaced people in Dili through PRO-EMA Restaurant-School: Organised by Simone Assis

👉 Direct Deposit Details
Account name: Associacao PRO-EMA
Account #: 601–00–0087427–4
Address: Pt. Bank Mandiri, Dili Branch
Swift Code: BMRIIDJA
IBAN: TL38 00506010 0008 7427 460
Swift code is Jakarta, money will be in Dili account in 3 days

Funds to rebuild homes and lives, distributed by former President Jose Ramos Horta: Organised by Rosa Horta Carrascalao
👉 GoFundMe Donation Link

Funds to build houses for the staff of Ba Futuru, a NGO working to protect children and empower women: Organised by Sierra James
👉 GoFundMe Donation Link

Funds to support HIAM Health, a NGO working to eliminate malnutrition in Timor-Leste: 👉 Direct Donation Link

Funds for ‘Spend it Well’, providing immediate priorities including bottled water, food and clothes: Organised by Simon Fenby
👉 Direct Donation Link

Red Cross Timor-Leste: Supporting all aspects of the relief and recovery
👉 Direct Donation Link

Funds to support Casa Vida Timor-Leste rebuild offices and training spaces: Casa Vida are a NGO supporting women survivors of domestic/family violence.

👉 Direct Deposit Details
Account name: Centro de cuidado a criança casa
Bank: ANZ
Account #: 126829
Swift Code: ANZBTLDI
IBAN: TL0030 0000 0001 2682 953

As they say, every bit helps. Thank you for your support ❤️

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